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Teaser Fuerteventura Carnival Surfing

A short introduction to the Fuerteventura Carnival Surfing day, which took place on 15th March 2012 at Punta Blanca on the Northshore of Fuerteventura. The complete video of this event is coming soon at!! Don't miss!!

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Hugo Free & DMD Doctor

Free Hugo, as its name is linked to freedoma young man who came to Canary at thirteen and seventeen years makes his first songsHis lyrics are the living testimony in person, for the listenerhave the opportunity to experience a simple and direct messageDoctor DMD, better known as "El Canario, Doctor Of Music" with an experienced career from its beginnings as a DJTheir live sections toured the best rooms for all the Canary Islands and mainland.

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Fuerteventura Live Music

While visiting my studio in Corralejo, Gioia Favero & Antonio Arico recorded two set pieces of music, Leaving and My Lucky Dime. This is the second video and the song name is `My Lucky Dime`. They came to record an interview for a band that they are currently in called The Stolen. This Radio interview was broadcast recently on Radio Q FM.

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La Burbuja Electronica

La Burbuja Electrònica. Direction and Editing by Carlo Montoro, Dune Fm, Dj Producer @ 94.4 LBE Quality. New program concept detached from commercial ties, all kinds of music within the electronic genre. Programmed, designed and produced for the most demanding ears. Avant-garde electronic music Friday night 00:30 Hrs 94.4 on the dial.

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Sobre Nosotros

Intermediator turistico fuerteventura es tambien una agencia online especializada en excursiones, actividades y locaciones en Canarias.
Somos Intermediadores Turísticos oficiales por el Gobierno de Canarias, con identificadores I-0003278.1

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