Video Production Services Canary Islands

Fuerteventura TV is a growing enterprise which provides full production services for national or international companies, developing ideas to come and shoot in the Canary Islands. The local team is ready to meet the company's needs and suggest fundamental solutions for the best production results. Fuerteventura TV offers professional location  manager, logistic, casting, assistance, equipment rental and consulting services that ensure the best quality production work in the Canary Islands.

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Web Development

Fuerteventura TV can build and design websites for local and international clients' business or personal needs. Using the latest versions of Joomla CMS (content management system) from the first versions of 2006, the websites are professionally run and developed by experienced team. Mastering websites for:
accommodation bookings,
online car rental and managing services,
excursions and tours,
music groups,
other personal web pages.
Fuerteventura TV takes care of its clients' websites after it is made. Moreover, all the websites are responsive (visible in a different ways) depending on the device.

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Local Services Fuerteventura

Local Services Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura TV is one of the most informative websites for tourists who want to come to Fuerteventura and explore the island. Providing information about the local places in the island, the Web TV offers a possibility to promote your local business in its website and be visible for the coming tourists. Other local services include graphic development, video making, advertising and systems administration.

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Promotion For Hotels

FuerteventuraTV offers the opportunity to all those who have homes for rent, hotels or homes for sale, to realize video advertising to increase their visibility in a natural way, without the classic photo editing or changes. This will allow you to have more requests for reservations and customers will be satisfied.

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Music Videos

Fuerteventura TV deals with the creation of music videos, where will be decided together the scenes, the music and everything that is needed to make the most of video (for example, to create the publicity of your company) and also gives you the possibility to record live video, in fact, for example if you're a music band, gives you the possibility of having to set up a live video during your concert.

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Driver Services

Fuerteventura TV provides production services for companies who want to work with the wonderful Canary Islands's places and are looking for safe drivers. The team of experts, in order to achieve better collaboration, is ready to lead the production team and its equipment in all places, meet the necessary requirements and guarantee a total safety and reliability.

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Underwater Filming

To make the best quality underwater scenes, Fuerteventura TV cooperates with one of the leading companies of underwater shots: Capmar Studios of Pippo Cappellano and Marina that are professionists cameraman. With 40 years of experience in the world of underwater documentary, the team shares diving professional techniques and meets the demands of all production using professional equipment.
For more information, visit website Capmar

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Local Casting Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura TV is ready to help production companies, national and international, to organize local casting in the Canary Islands. The service includes the creation of a local casting announcement giving plenty of attention to detail, producing interviews and auditions, photo and video and contacting artists to make everything more organized and professional.

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Logistic Services

Transportation of crew and equipment
Fuerteventura TV offers transportation services for the production team and its equipment in all places of the island needed to work with with the utmost seriousness and with conditions laid down. Logistics services, having the utmost respect and attention, includes the coordination and logistics of all necessary installations.

Vehicle rental
To make sure that production crew can easily relocate, Fuerteventura TV is able to rent any type of vehicle that is required by the production crew in any of the Canary Islands.

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Location Manager

FuerteventuraTV provides a service manager, with experience in multilingual localization in the Canary Islands. Scout Manager position around the Islands, identifies and suggests potential venues for the production and filming of the movie. Also, when shooting position and ensures the protection and safety of the production team.
Among the benefits, location manager provides parking for vehicles and makes sure that the path is left in the condition in which it was found. To add, the location manager includes local authority processes and manages to obtain all necessary permits diplomatically for filming, the terms and the necessary adjustments..

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Video And Photography

Fuerteventura TV offers high quality services for photo and video production for businesses both nationally and internationally. Using professional equipment, Fuerteventura TV allows you to an experienced cameraman can take part in the whole process of shooting. In addition, makes videos or photos of local events and provides material for foreign companies.
Also offers video editing service using special effects and sound recordings, as well as photo editing service using programs of retouching, airbrushing and photoshopping.
FuerteventuraTv also realizes movies and photos behind the scenes for production companies working in the Canary Islands. A cameraman and a photographer are always ready to maintain the right distance from the work of the crew, but is also able to stay close enough to capture the best moments.

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Web Development

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Web Simple Way

Website development with essential admin tools, easy management and security, professionally personalized design and its adaptation to client's requirements. Moreover, includes photo gallery, contact and map, links to social media, search engine internal, two more pages, is responsive web designed and provides a customized view for different devices.

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Web Dedicated

Fuerteventura TV builds dedicated and customized websites for client's business needs. The web dedicated offer covers website development with essential admin tools, easy management and security, professionally personalized design and its adaptation to client's requirements, photo gallery, contacts, links to social media and search engine internal. Also, the website is responsive web designed and provides a customized view for different devices.

Online booking website
Fuerteventura TV creates the websites for apartments, hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfast online bookings.

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