Demonstration against the Oil bases to the Canaries, Fuerteventura

Here is a small video of the Demonstration against the Oil bases in the Canary Islands, happened in  Fuerteventura.

The huge protest that took place in the capital of Fuerteventura on March 24 more than 10.000 people have gone down to the streets of Puerto del Rosario to proudly demonstrate against the plans of the multinational Repsol that wants to start to build oil bases next to the coasts of Canary Islands.

Love for "our" island, manifested both from Majoreros and from new islanders of all the nations, wants only to let open the eyes to those who don't understand that the oil is a part of our past and investing in renewable energies is the answer! Not only in our small reality but in the whole Earth.

Let follow us in our new videos on Fuerteventura.

Sign the petition agains the OIL Bases.

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