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Hula dancing in Fuerteventura

Enjoy our hula dancing in Fuerteventura! Hula dancing is a complex art form accompanied by chant and music - it is unique to the Hawaiian Islands.

There are many hand motions used to represent the words in a song or chant. For example, hand movements can signify aspects of nature, such as the swaying of a tree in the breeze or a wave in the ocean, or a feeling or emotion, such as fondness or yearning.  In November 2015 was hold a workshop to learn to dance hula with the surf academy ALOHA, in Corralejo. The students learnt the steps of a song telling the story of friends getting together to have some fun on the waves. The hula dance was performed at a party on the beach accompanied by a BBQ with hawaiian dishes, during a beautiful Sunset to enjoy with friends and visitors. Hula moves make your heart feel free, you should try it!

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Filmed and edited By Fuerteventura TV and Marco Gargiullo