Suoni Artificiali - electronic music Fuerteventura

I bit 'o always been a passion for music, a lot of influence eletronica for artificial sounds.

Created by machines, sintetizatori, computer, groovebox .... with current technology and very
more 'easy to approach ques genere.Credo that electronic music and' very imaginary
and nothing less than acoustic music, 'only more' young and still takes a long time to

grow and develop in particular where Canarian and 'closely linked to the context of clubs
and club music made for mass consumption a "McDonald's electronic."
Elektronik Connections starts from the idea of a sound diferente more 'personal and fast (150-180 bpm)
music as a means of communication between man and machine interact among themselves a window to
future that is not as in the collective imagination of an atomic bomb that destroys everything and 
man a slave of machines.

Motha a.k.a komaken

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