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Playa Escalera


Discover with us the Playa Escalera, also known as Playa de El Aguila!Many of us ride bicycles. Many others rent an SUV to be first. The boldest reach Playa Escalera walk.

That's, between the beaches of Fuerte, the most extraordinary and fascinating included in group located to the south of the area of Cotillo.
Ideal for those looking for an exclusive corner where you can enjoy all the best that nature can offer, in terms of relaxation and privacy, it's not known to most.
Going 4 km towards the south, from the Castillo del Toston, you are literally captivated by the beauty "wild" in this corner of paradise.
It is a beach recommended for those who know the sea and viable only when there is low tide.
The double name, or Playa Escalera de El Aguila is due to the presence of a long staircase carved in black lava rock, single point of access to the beach.
For the complete lack of services, it is advisable to organize themselves with food, drink and... desire to surrender to the magic of the place.



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Filmed By Fuerteventura TV and Casa Laura Fuerteventura edited By Surf House Fuerteventura

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