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International Kite Festival of Fuerteventura 2014

International Kite Festival of Fuerteventura is a famous three-day festival which attracts some of the best kiters from all over Europe. The Kite Festival is traditionally held on the 2nd weekend of November at the Playa del Burro, glass beach sand dunes, which are just to the south of Fuerteventura's resort of Corralejo.

Throughout the days of the event you can see around 250 kites with many impressive flying demonstrations at the beach. Although this festival is purely for the pleasure of the spectacle of kites flying, there are competitions in kite flying, Freestyle Knockout and Technical Freestyle competitions, stunt kites and battle kites. Moreover, there are competitions for the most artistic looking kites and kites which can make artistic shows.
This magical and amazing event has been taking place in Fuerteventura since 1987, when somebody had the wizard idea of taking it to an island in the path of the trade winds. Since then, each year many of the kiters still return to Fuerteventura for the event. International Kite Festival attracts growing number of participants from all over the world. The majority of European participants come from Britain, Germany and the Canaries.

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Filmed By Fuerteventura TV edited By Andrea Ru


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