Katka & Rafo


Katka & Rafo is a music group from Slovakia. This duo first appeared in Fuerteventura in 2010 and for last two years successfully acts in its hometown.

Music Videos

Fuerteventura TV deals with the creation of music videos, where will be decided together the scenes, the music and everything that is needed to make the most of video (for example, to create the publicity of your company) and also gives you the possibility to record live video, in fact, for example if you're a music band, gives you the possibility of having to set up a live video during your concert.

Videos Musicales

Fuerteventura TV se ocupa de la creacion de videos musicales, donde se decidiran conjuntamente las escenas, la musica y todo lo que se necesita para sacar el maximo provecho de video (por ejemplo, para crear la publicidad de su empresa) y tambien le da la posibilidad de grabacion de video en vivo, de hecho, por ejemplo, si usted es un grupo de musica, te da la posibilidad de tener que crear un video en vivo durante su concierto.

Vimana Elektronik Connections

The track is called Vimana. Vimanas were great airships plied the skies, that the spaces of the universe, and represented above

in the texts of ancient civilizations 'more' than 5000 years ago.